Canon see me!

25 Aralık 2009 Cuma

What is Canon see me

I have always wanted to take photos since i have known myself. I am wandering with a lot of compositions in my mind. I am trying to fit everything that is beautiful as a photo image in my mind. Every face that i have met newly reminds me a new photo. In order to make you see what i see and in order to share my world with you there is one thing missing, a cannon camera.

I have wanted to have a canon for years! But I never had too much money for that. Then, i imagine, sometimes to gather up people who want to same thing morepo effective than to collect money for the realize a dream !

I have pursued 2010 people who have shared my imaginations. 2010 faces, 2010 portraits.. All of them just for the have a Canon which I have imagine for years..

I know, at the end Canon will see me and.. and .. I can look the world from a Canon's view finder.

From this site, you can see daily added photos and how many photos left for the finish. If you want to help me you can share this blog or you can turn your face to my camera !

Proje bitti.
Yardım eden herkese ve CanonEurasia'ya teşekkürler.
Canon 5D MarkII'mi aldım!

Destekleyenler: (Üniversteler)
Bahcesehir, Bilgi , Yildiz Teknik, Mimar Sinan, Marmara, Aydin, Selcuk.

Destekleyenler: (Firma ve Markalar)
Alfa Laval, Petrol Ofisi, Youth Republic, E-Tohum, Starbucks, UtopicFarm, BBS, Studio Mayday, Sesli Harfler, Kafe Pi, Tabe Kıyamet, EkşiSözlük, Esbpl, Arka Oda, Küçük Beyoğlu, Likemind, Saatchi Saatchi Güzel Sanatlar, Mayadrom Sports Center, Hurriyet, Ideshot.

Destekleyenler: (Basın)
Hurriyet, Haberturk, E-Kolay, Ne Guzel Haber, Social Radio, ETohumTV, and 70 blog.

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Bengi Gençer

İlüstratör Bengi Gençer'de projeme çizdiği kendi resmiyle destek verdi ve blogunda yazdı.
Çok teşekkürler :)

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